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Six Flags Magic Mountain June 2012

I finally went to Magic Mountain after living in LA for over a year. & it was so much fun! I got on almost every ride, climbed the rock wall, & got to meet Batman. :) I had an awesome day & plan on going back VERY soon. But they need to learn to keep the food open after the rides, cause I was starving after walking around all day & was really looking forward to park food. Eh, maybe I’ll just go back one day to eat since I got a season pass! ;) Anyway, enjoy these pics of me at Six Flags in my next post!

Halloween Party 10/29/11

Well, I finally ventured out for the Halloween Party the Saturday before Halloween. It felt good to get out of the house & be around people but I got tired super quick. I had a blast though… I’ll let y’all fill in the blanks with the pictures. :)

Sheridan Love as a sexy vampire!

Marie McCray, Chastity Lynn, Sheridan Love, and me

Tommy Gunn in his Spartacus XXX outfit

Wolf Hudson, me, Annie Cruz, Eli, & friend :)

My Wifey, Annie Cruz

LOVE her

Riley Reid

Jennifer White as a sexy gypsy!

Mmmm, boobies!

Jennifer has amazing nipples!

Vicki Chase & Eric John as Snow White & Prince Charming

They were so cute! :)

Trinity St. Clair

Leslie, me, & Trinity

Wassup, Silly Faces!

Titty action!

Vicky Vixen’s amazing tits!

Pulling up the skirt! ;)

Vicky Vixen and I flashing boobies!

Chuck, Pumpkins, Brides of Beverly Hills 10/28/11

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know about my love for Chuck. Well, the show is back on CBS, making the premier of the final season on Oct. 28th. The series premier was awesome, but I was a little bummed that it’s gonna be the last season. Let’s hope they make up for it by making it the best season yet! :)

After Chuck, Joslyn and I made an awesome Jack-o-lantern! I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years so I was a little nervous about how it was gonna turn out. It actually came out pretty awesome& I was super proud of our hard work! It looked so badass & we made a video to document our progress. :) Check it out and like it on YouTube!

After we carved our pumpkin, we watched the new show on TLC, Brides of Beverly Hills, because super hottie Diamond Foxxx was on the show! On the show, they bring in brides, or in Diamond’s case, married women looking to renew vows, & help them pick out a wedding dress. The dress Diamond picked out was gorgeous & was perfect for her body. I hope she made amazing memories in it & had a wonderful time in it. :

Checkup 10/24/11

So I went back to the Dr. that did my surgery for a checkup & everything’s in check, yay! They did new x-rays and gave me copies so I’ll put those up because I think they look pretty badass. :) They also took my staples out and said that I’m good to start walking as much as my pain tolerance will allow. The Dr. said I should be back to walking around 100% in about 3 months & back to doing everything in about 6. So pretty excited about that, but I’ll keep updating as I find out more info.

Car Accident 10/17/11

If y’all follow me on Twitter you probably saw that I got into a car accident on Monday night, Oct 17th around 9 pm.  I was approaching a light when it turned from green to yellow. Not having enough room to stop, I keep going through the light. There was a guy going the opposite direction making a left at the light. He must have assumed I would stop at the light because he proceeded to go through it, hitting the back end of my car and pushing me into the pole holding the traffic lights. I broke my femur in half, two ribs, my nose, and also tore my spleen. I had surgery Tuesday morning around 11 am to repair my femur, which was done by placing a titanium rod inside the bone. During surgery I lost a lot of blood so I was also given a blood transfusion. They started physical therapy on Wednesday and I walked around my room with a walker for about 5 minutes, twice a day. Joslyn came & painted my toes & nails for me because she’s amazing! :) I stayed in the hospital until Thursday then signed myself out and came back home. I’ve been walking around more and more everyday & now I can walk without the walker but prefer it for long distances. I’ll post some pictures for y’all & keep updating throughout the healing process. :)

Vacation to South Carolina 10/7/11 - 10/11/11

I took a quick trip back home to visit some family. It was my grandma’s birthday & she’s a little sick so I was really glad I got to go back home & see her. I loved being able to spend time with family and friends. Even though it was last minute, the trip went really well. Except getting stuck in the Chicago O’Hare Airport on the way there. But I got there in time for my grandmother’s birthday & got to spend a lot of time with her. :) Overall, a good trip & I can’t wait to go back for Christmas.

Shoot with 3rd Degree 9/30/11

Who likes watching girls work out in skimpy outfits? If you do, you’ll love my scene in “Teens Wear Short Shorts” by 3rd Degree. I’m wearing an adorable, little, pink, work out outfit. And I definitely mean little. ;) While working out I get super hot & cool myself off by pouring water all over my titties and letting it drip down my body. After my workout, I get so horny so I go inside to take care of some things and end up getting fucked sooo good!This scene is super hot so make sure to go get a copy! :)

Addams Family DVD Release Party 9/20/11

Only one word to describe this party: INSANE! I’ll just post the pictures and let y’all fill in the blanks on this one. :)

Steviee, my favortie bartender!

My wifey, Annie Cruz

I finally met Foxxy!

Evan Stone signing DVD’s for fans!

Evan Stone, Dale DaBone, and myself

Mmmm, Steviee boobies!

Sasha Sweet, Claire Dames, me, Annie Cruz, April O’Neil bar dancing

lol, boo-ing something

Shoot for CumLouder 9/17/11

Guess who learned dirty words in Spanish? ME! I did 2 scenes for a Spanish porno site, where Marco Banderes taught me filthy Spanish words. I wish I could remember what all he taught me, but I’m horrible at remembering shit! Maybe y’all can tell what’s going on by the chalkboard in the background. ;) My favorite one was the school girl scene; I felt like such a good little slut! Check out the scenes & in the meantime, enjoy a few teaser pics!

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